Ammolite Pear Faceted Stones 16mm – 1 pair

  • Ammolite is a rare, naturally mineralized fossilized shell of Ammonite found only in North America. Ammolite’s stunning opal-like flash contains radiant blue, red and green iridescence that color-shift with movement.
  • 16 x 12 mm cabochons featuring natural Ammolite with a crystal clear faceted Quartz top.
  • Each Ammolite pattern is naturally unique and may differ slightly than the image, though the overall shape and color balance will be similar.
  • This listing includes 2 faceted stones similar to the item images.

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Colorful Ammolite with faceted Quartz top (doublets) – 16 x 12 mm pears, 1 pair (2 pieces)


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Ammolite - A rare, valuable opal-like organic gemstone. Ammolite is made of fossilized Ammonite shells and was given official gemstone status in 1981. Ammolite is mostly found in the Rocky Mountains and is the official gemstone of Alberta, Canada. It is a grey to brown hue with a primarily red and green iridescence, sometimes also showing blue and purple, though these fine layers are fragile and often broken off. Ammolite’s colors come from its Aragonite content. Being only .5 - .8 mm in thickness, Ammolite is often cracked giving it an appearance that is often described as Stained Glass.

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