Fossil Mammoth Ivory with Ammolite Inlay Cabochon 43mm – 1 piece

  • Organic earth toned Fossil Mammoth Ivory with colorful Ammolite meticulously inlaid by hand into an organic pattern.
  • 43 x 18 mm free form.
  • This listing includes 1 stone.

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Natural Fossil Mammoth Ivory with colorful Ammolite inlay – 43 x 18 mm free form,  1 piece


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Ammolite - A rare, valuable opal-like organic gemstone. Ammolite is made of fossilized Ammonite shells and was given official gemstone status in 1981. Ammolite is mostly found in the Rocky Mountains and is the official gemstone of Alberta, Canada. It is a grey to brown hue with a primarily red and green iridescence, sometimes also showing blue and purple, though these fine layers are fragile and often broken off. Ammolite’s colors come from its Aragonite content. Being only .5 - .8 mm in thickness, Ammolite is often cracked giving it an appearance that is often described as Stained Glass.

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Fossil Mammoth Ivory - Fossil mammoth ivory is believed to be available in abundance, though its location in permafrost and ice make it difficult to search for. Fossil mammoth ivory that is found in Siberia can only be searched for between June and September when the snow is melted as the terrain is too treterous in other months. Perfect for carvings and collectibles, these fossils can be a great focal point in jewelry.

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