Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Hot Papaya Drusy and Moonstone Pendant

  • These enhanced natural Drusy Cabochons are coated with pure elements, precious and non-precious metals.
  • The durable metal deposit is indifferent to everyday-influences such as water, friction or skin contact.
  • Each Stone is natural and unique – as such, each pendant will differ based on natural variations

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Sterling Silver Hot Papaya Oval Window Drusy and Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

Ships in a Starborn Branded Gift Box.

Drusy - In geology, druse, also known as drusy or druzy, refers to a coating of fine crystals on a rock ... Druse can be colored by electroplating, a process similar to rhodium application, giving the stone a fancy look, and a brighter appearance

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Moonstone - Moonstone is an othoclase feldpar that is transparent to opaque. Moonstone can occur as blue, greay, champagne, peach and even mocha hues and has a pale blue to white sheen known as "adularescence".

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Rainbow Moonstone - Rainbow Moonstone is not actually a Moonstone, but rather, a clear Labradorite which is Feldspar. When less inclusions are present, this translucent stone will shine blue, but with more inclusions, this stone portrays a rainbow of colors, hence its name.

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