Window Drusy SI-Opal Pear Cabochon 20mm – 1 piece

  • These enhanced natural Quartz Drusy Cabochons are coated via vapor deposition with pure elements, precious and non-precious metals.
  • The durable metal deposit of this vapor deposition coating is indifferent to everyday-influences such as water, friction or skin contact.
  • 15 x 20 mm cabochons featuring a SI-Opal color-shift Quartz Window Drusy.
  • Each Drusy crystal surface pattern is naturally unique and may differ slightly than the image, though the overall shape and color balance will be similar.
  • This listing includes 1 cabochon similar to the item images.

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SI-Opal Window Drusy Pear Cabochon 15 x 20mm

Drusy - In geology, druse, also known as drusy or druzy, refers to a coating of fine crystals on a rock ... Druse can be colored by electroplating, a process similar to rhodium application, giving the stone a fancy look, and a brighter appearance

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