Starborn Ammonite with Abalone Shell Inlay Ring in Sterling Silver

  • Ammonite adjustable Ring with Abalone Shell inlay handcrafted in Fine Sterling Silver.
  • This unique Ring features radiant Abalone shell meticulously inlaid by hand into the chambers of a genuine fossilized Ammonite.
  • Natural Abalone Shell shimmering with purple, blue and green iridescence.
  • High-quality, handmade Fine Sterling Silver Ring, Ammonite is approximately 0.75” x 0.875”.


Starborn Ammonite with Abalone Shell Inlay, handcrafted into a beautiful Ring in Fine Sterling Silver.

Ships in a Starborn Branded Gift Box.

Abalone Shell - Also known as Paua or Ormer, Abalone Shell is a colorful calcium carbonate that has a rainbow of iridescence in wave-like patterns. Abalone grow a layer of nacre, or mother of pearl, inside of their shells which then is used as the displayed surface of pearls. These thin nacre layers are also a calcium carbonate structure which is known as Aragonite.

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Ammonite - Ammonites are a fossil of an extinct cephalopod, of which the Nautilus is it's closest surviving relative. Also a chambered shell sea creature, the Ammonite was able to swim due to it's unique chambered shell construction. Ammonites are seen most commonly as a mixed brown palette. The oldest Ammonite fossils are mined in Morocco, while other unique varieties are mined in various parts of the world; Opalized Ammonites from Madagascar, Ammolites from Alberta, Hematitic Ammonites from France and Pyritized Ammonites from Russia.

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