Starborn Mother of Pearl Inlaid Ammonite Pendant in Sterling Silver

  • Genuine Mother of Pearl inlaid Ammonite pendant, handcrafted in Fine Sterling Silver, bezel set.
  • Ammonites are fossilized marine animals, similar to the modern Nautilus.
  • Mother Of Pearl is the strong, iridescent inner layer of shell from Pearl producing mollusks and is composed of the same material as Pearls.
  • Each pendant has been carefully inlaid with genuine Mother of Pearl.


1 genuine Mother of Pearl inlaid Ammonite pendant, handcrafted in Fine Sterling Silver, bezel set.

This unique pendant features striking Mother of Pearl shell meticulously inlaid by hand into the chambers of a genuine fossilized Ammonite.

Ships in a Starborn Branded Gift Box.

Ammonite - Ammonites are a fossil of an extinct cephalopod, of which the Nautilus is it's closest surviving relative. Also a chambered shell sea creature, the Ammonite was able to swim due to it's unique chambered shell construction. Ammonites are seen most commonly as a mixed brown palette. The oldest Ammonite fossils are mined in Morocco, while other unique varieties are mined in various parts of the world; Opalized Ammonites from Madagascar, Ammolites from Alberta, Hematitic Ammonites from France and Pyritized Ammonites from Russia.

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Mother of Pearl - Mother of pearl, also known as nacre, is an iridescent material than grows as the innermost layer of a mollusk shell. Mother of pearl can occur in a variety of mollusks, each displaying their own color such as white, grey, silver or blue. Possibly the most popular Mother of pearl is the abalone as it displays vivid patterns of green, purple and silvery tones.

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