Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant

  • Sterling Silver Pendant with genuine Muonionalusta Meteorite sphere.
  • The Muonionalusta Meteorite was first found in 1906 and is likely the oldest Meteorite in the world, when polished and etched the classic Widmanstätten patterns of intersecting lines are clearly visible.
  • This hand-crafted Silver Pendant has a dynamic and timeless design and features a hidden hinge, which when opened, allows the meteorite to be removed.

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Hand Crafted Fine Sterling Silver Pendant with Genuine Muonionalusta Meteorite Sphere.

Meteorite - Meteorite is a rock or iron fragment that is from a meteoroid or asteroid that has passed through the earth's atmosphere. Each meteorite fall location has varying attributes.

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A 2010 study reported the lead isotope dating in the Muonionalusta meteorite and concluded the stishovite was from an impact event hundreds of millions of years ago: "The presence of stishovite signifies that this meteorite was heavily shocked, possibly during the 0.4 Ga [billion years] old breakup event indicated by cosmic ray exposure

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Ships in a Starborn Branded Gift Box.

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