Starborn Gemstone Window Pendant Necklace in Stainless Steel

  • This unique and modern window pendant is milled from solid stainless steel with inset sapphire coated quartz glass lenses; the two halves screw together to form a stylish keepsake. Originally designed for our line of fine watches, high tolerances and an airtight seal keep your contents safe and secure.
  • The overall pendant length, including the affixed bail is approx. 1.25 inches long by 1 inch wide and includes a 24 inch Stainless Steel Ball Chain.
  • *Caution, this pendant is designed to be opened in order to access or replace the contents, please check that the two stainless steel halves are hand tight before wearing.


Gemstone or Meteorite Fragments encapsulated in a stainless-steel window Pendant

Agoudal Meteorite - Agoudal Meteorite, sometimes unofficially referred to as Imilchil Meteorite, was found just in 2000 in the Agoudal area of Morocco. A hexahedrite iron meteorite, Agoudal is believed by many to have created a dual crater upon impact. The 2 lakes in the High Atlas Mountains believed to be the craters are a well-known ceremonial area for annual weddings. As of 2013, less than 1 kilogram of this Meteorite has been found.

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Amethyst - Amethyst: The violet-purple form of Quartz (SiO2 ) is called Amethyst. For centuries the stone is famous as a jewel but also as a healing stone. In daylight or heat the Amethyst may lose colour or change to a citrine colour. World-famous are the huge Amethyst geodes from Uruguay, which evolved in porous Lava rock with circulating mineral fluids. Our Amethyst comes from Brazil/Uruguay, India or Tanzania.

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Citrine - Citrine is named after the French word for lemon, "citron" and ranges from yellow to orange-brown. Citrine is a variety of quartz and is created from heated amethyst. The heating process which turns purple amethyst to orange citrine can happen naturally or by man. The official birthstone for November since 1912, Citrine is also a common reference to color in gemstones as well as animals, such as the Citrine Canary.

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Imperial Topaz - Imperial topaz is one of few naturally occurring topaz color variations that is yellow to peachy-pink and less common than other topaz. It grows in columnar crystals and is generally the highest valued topaz variety.

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Moldavite - Moldavite is found in the Czech Republic and is believed to be a glass that was created from a meteorite; categorized as a tektite. Moldavite is green in color and can range between olive to moss and is found in nodules or feathered chunks and is dated at approximately 14 million years old. Many vendors are now offering Moldavite which is actually fake, which most people cannot tell the different just by looking at it. Geniune Moldavite will not melt at the low temperature as their fake counterparts, however.

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Peridot - Peridot is a gem quality olivine and is one of few gems that occurs in only one color (green), though it can vary between a yellow-green to an olive-green. Peridot has a glassy luster and the saturation of color depends on the iron content within the stone.

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Ships in a Starborn Branded Gift Box.

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