Rough Moldavite 38ct Collector’s Piece

  • Moldavite’s rare occurrence and marvelous, intense green color make it highly valuable and collectible.
  • Moldavite is found only in the Czech Republic, where we work directly with a legal, ethical mining operation to source our rough.
  • 38 carat (7.60g).
  • 23x24x15mm specimen.

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38 carat 23x24x15mm Moldavite Specimen

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Ships in a Starborn Branded Gift Box.

Moldavite - Moldavite is found in the Czech Republic and is believed to be a glass that was created from a meteorite; categorized as a tektite. Moldavite is green in color and can range between olive to moss and is found in nodules or feathered chunks and is dated at approximately 14 million years old. Many vendors are now offering Moldavite which is actually fake, which most people cannot tell the different just by looking at it. Geniune Moldavite will not melt at the low temperature as their fake counterparts, however.

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