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Phoenix Bird Motif & Gemstones Table Lamp with LED Bulb


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  • The Gemstone Phoenix Table Lamp is handcrafted with decoration made of tiny crystals of Tourmaline and Quartz.
  • The front design features the Phoenix and the back design features a red acrylic spiral motif.
  • Crystal facet cut pieces create a gorgeous accent piece of a Phoenix bird with the lighting design.
  • This Phoenix Bird table lamp has a soft light and is a great addition to any home décor. This lamp’s Phoenix Bird motif symbolizes rebirth, renewal, immortality, healing, and eternal fire. The gemstones feature metaphysical healing properties.
  • It has a dimmer switch with a low wattage Energy Star Rating and long-lasting Cree LED 2700K lumen light bulb for superior color and no hum.
  • Dimensions: 12″ height, 10″ width, and 5″ depth.
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Various gemstones, acrylic, and resin are meticulously hand designed into an intricate pattern that is unique to each lamp. When the light is turned on, you can see the unique patterns of each piece of the gemstone, which is inserted into Phoenix Bird design. The acrylic, resin, and chosen pattern provide vivid colors and harmony of the design. The colorful shade sits on a black metal base with a slight cutout for the cord to go through so it can sit flat on a table. Standard two prong indoor cord 120v. A dimmer switch with a low wattage LED Cree bulb provides soft and vibrant illumination.  Dimensions: height 12″, width 10″, depth 5″.

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Phoenix Table LampPhoenix Bird Motif & Gemstones Table Lamp with LED Bulb

Availability: Only 2 left in stock