Starborn Libyan Desert Tektite Pendant in Sterling Silver -15/30cts

  • Libyan Desert Glass, also called Golden Tektite, is a rare and beautiful impact glass found only in the Sahara Desert, scattered between shifting sand dunes, its limited supply and unusual golden color make this mysterious tektite both valuable and collectible.
  • Libyan Desert glass is a naturally occurring Tektite or Impact Glass, approximately 29 million years old, found in the remote desert near Eastern Libya and Western Egypt.
  • Within the glass are rare occurrences of high-temperature minerals, including a special form of Quartz called Cristobalite.
  • Sterling Silver pendant is approximately 1.35 to 2 inches in length including bale.

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Starborn Libyan Desert Tektite Pendant 15-30 carat, prong set, handcrafted in Fine Sterling Silver.

Libyan Desert Glass - Libyan Desert Glass is a controversial substance found in the Eastern Great Sand Sea of Egypt. Many scientists differ on their beliefs of its origin, though many concur that it is around 26 million years old. Generally yellow in color, this glass can also be found in a milky or even clear tone. Libyan Desert Glass displays an interesting combination of divots, ridges, and smooth waves making it a great choice for display pieces for collectors or even in jewelry.

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Tektite - Tektites are a type of glass believed to be created from fragments of meteoroids or asteroids that have collided with the earth. Some tektites include Libyan desert glass and moldavite.

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Ships in a Starborn Branded Gift Box.

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